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Jul 28, 2014
Photo Tour Gear - What to Bring on Photo Holiday | Luminous Journeys
Each photo tour enthusiast has their own way of doing things. When it comes to photo tour gear, some are minimalists with one camera, an 18-200 mm multi-pur
Jul 19, 2014 - A Guide to Photo Book Reviews, Deals and Tips
Learn how to make your own custom photobook with companies like MyPublisher, Blurb, Snapfish, and more!
Jun 27, 2014
BazanPhotos | Photography Workshops
Official Website for international photographer Ernesto Bazan an accomplished world photographer, The website contains photographs from his books, essays from the photographer and information about purchasing fine art prints and his workshop in Cuba
Jun 22, 2014
NYIP Photo Articles - New York Institute of Photography
New York Institute of Photography Photo Articles - NYIP photographers and photo course outcomes and results. Become a professional photographer.
May 27, 2014
Engineering Prints from Photojojo
Our prints are made on industrial printers typically used for architectural and engineering work. That’s why we call them Engineer Prints.

Your photo will be printed in halftone black and white ink on extra-light 20lb bond at a whopping 4 feet wide!

Once it’s done it ships free, rolled nice and neat for just $25.
Apr 25, 2014
21 Incredibly Simple Photoshop Hacks Everyone Should Know
These tips and tricks should be easy enough for anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop. ..
Apr 17, 2014
The Genius of Photography | Watch Free Documentary Online
In the course of our 170 year relationship, photography has delighted us, served us, moved us, outraged us and occasionally disappointed us. But mainly, it has intrigued us by showing the secret strangeness that lies beneath the world of appearances. And that is photography's true genius.
Apr 17, 2014
fotoflot - Photographs Pure and Simple.
A cool new way to mount your photographs - the fotoflot way - big, bold, beautiful prints, up on the wall where they belong without frames, mats, glass or glare. With the fotoflot system, images literally float off the wall, erupting in rich color and exquisite detail. And the best thing - they are held in place with magnets for quick installation and change.
Apr 11, 2014
Back Button Focus: D700/600
Back Button Focus on a Nikon D7000

1) You need to assign the AE-L, AF-L button (yes, that button that you’ve never used before and always wondered what it does) on the back of the camera to be AF-On. To do this, go to your camera menu and look in the custom setting menu (the pencil). In the custom setting menu, go to Controls, and then choose F5 “Assign AE-L/AF-L button.” Within this menu, choose “AF-On.”

2) Now you need to set up [More]
Apr 10, 2014
Thomas Hawk Digital Connection ? Blog Archive ? Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of the New Flickr
1. Consider a strategy for uploading your batches of photos. I upload two batches of photos to Flickr a day — one in the morning and one in the evening. Your upload strategy and the ordering of your batch uploads matters. With the new Flickr redesign, photos on the homepage are really, really, big. Big photos get far more engagement. However, the only photo that gets shown ginormous on the homepage is the very last one that [More]
Mar 25, 2014
Burrell Imaging--Fine art printing
Burrell Imaging provides professional photo processing, film processing, digital printing, optical printing and more | Crown Point, IN
Mar 25, 2014
Art Copy - Fine Art Reproduction - Art Copying Service - Fine Print Imaging
Where to start…

It’s kinda hard knowing just what to say here. After all, we’ve been around for almost 35 years and have started or helped build the careers of 1000s of photographers and artists.

Maybe we should start by saying that we are the select lab for artists and photographers who sell their work at art shows and in galleries.

Or that we’re the premier printer for conservation photographers and artists world wide [More]
Mar 11, 2014
Cuba - Michael Eastman
The online portfolio of international photographer Michael Eastman
Feb 24, 2014
Best photo printing
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Jan 08, 2014
Lenstag - Free theft protection and monitoring for cameras, lenses and video equipment
Add your cameras, lenses and video equipment to Lenstag before they go missing so you can help prevent resale and help recover your gear.
Nov 29, 2013
Photographic How To Articles - Iconic Images International

Pre-Visualizing & Vision – The Elusive Friends of PhotographersPhotographing China with Art WolfeRules or Creative Concepts – Which Will Serve Your Photography BestThe Photographer ReinventedWhale Photography for Whale WatchersCuring Front Focus & Back Focus with Lens AlignFlying & Traveling with Camera GearForget About Sharpness and Have Fun – MEDICUSGetting Those Prized Travel Images HomeNature Photography & [More]
Nov 19, 2013
Photos - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
Something about me….I’m an italian (Florentine) project manager, teacher, Adobe certified expert, pro-blogger and web designer freelance.I have a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Multimedial communication and I have been working as a web\graphic designer for almost 11 years.I’m currently one of the official designers of the Italian Ministry of Public EducationI currently teach graphic design and web design in various international art schools [More]
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