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Jul 09, 2019
Made in USA Marketplace | American Made Made in America
The Premier Marketplace dedicated exclusively to Made in America. Shop Made in USA clothing, bedding, sheets, boots, cookware, tools and much more! New products are added daily. Thanks for supporting the American Worker!
Jul 08, 2019
Made In America Manufacturers & American Made Brands
MadeInAmerica.com is a non-partisan, private company

We have a buy & build American philosophy. Growing the U.S. economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community. We have one common goal: to raise awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American-made manufacturers and brands.

Made In America 2019 will be the inaugural conference and events tha [More]
Jul 07, 2019
Nelson Marketing and Publishing | Cumberland, MD
In 1986, Larry Paulozzi created the first Town Planner for a several communities in Cleveland, Ohio. The calendar became a tool that allowed the families in a community to have a one stop resource guide to all the information and events that occur daily. The creation also allowed business owners more direct access to families and offered them a chance to have their message or offer be on display for 365 days a year at a cost of pennies per househ [More]
Jul 07, 2019
Town Planner Franchising
The Town Planner Calendar provides families in a community with a one stop resource guide to all the information and events that occur daily. It also gives business owners more direct access to consumers and offers them a chance to put their message or offer on display for 365 days a year at a cost of pennies per household.

Our Franchise Program offers you the opportunity to own and operate a Town Planner Calendar in an exclusive metro [More]
Jul 06, 2019
Bartering Exchange Network
You’ll never pay a fee to barter your services on BEN! Moonlight as a free agent or expand your client base all by bartering your skills with other artists, creators and professionals.The Bartering Exchange Network is a community of professionals offering their expertise in exchange for yours. Members of the BEN community offer their services in a trade for another member’s services — for free. From searching the website to swapping services, BEN [More]
Jul 06, 2019
Bartercard USA is Now a Part of Tradebank - Tradebank International
Tradebank is a major nationwide retail and corporate trade exchange system, networking together thousands of progressive companies who understand and use barter as part of their everyday marketing plans. Offering over 100,000 products and services, they join business owners with their personal brokers to facilitate successful barter. As one of the industry’s leading trade exchanges, Tradebank has helped companies complete more than three million [More]
Jul 06, 2019
ITEX - Our Story
For more than 30 years, ITEX Corporation (OTCQB: ITEX) has helped tens of thousands of businesses generate new sales, conserve precious cash flow and increase profits. With our leading payment technology platform for processing transactions and our exclusive distribution channel, member businesses utilize our "ITEX dollars" to exchange goods and services, rather than use cash. ITEX Corporation is based in Bellevue, Washington.

ITEX is th [More]
Jul 06, 2019
The Barter and Trade Industry - IRTA — International Reciprocal Trade Association
The modern trade and barter industry includes four major sectors; traditional retail barter exchange companies, (also referred to as mutual peer-to-peer credit clearing systems), corporate barter companies, (who perform larger corporate barter transactions), countertrade, (usually between sovereign governments and focused on import & export of commodities) and complementary currency systems, (local/community based currencies).

The [More]
Jul 06, 2019
Corporate Barter Network: Welcome
We are the ONLY barter company which offers our clients access to the two largest independent trade systems in the world. With over 50,000 clients nationwide you can trade for almost anything! Our trained trade brokers promote you via Daily Broker Calls, Daily E-mails, an Online Directory, a Printed Directory and Mixers. Corporate Barter Network is a full service barter company providing an ever growing list of products and services to trade to o [More]
Jul 06, 2019
About The Barter Company - The Barter Company
The Barter Company exists to help our clients prosper and have the best, most beneficial experience in the barter industry. Our goal is to create the ideal partnership between your business and ours through integrity and professionalism.
Jul 06, 2019
Global Trade Chamber
The Global Trade Chamber is an organization founded by professionals that have over 30 years of combined experience in business, chamber of commerce operations and International Trade. The Global Trade Chamber is an innovative alternative for businesses. It is the revolutionary business vehicle to connect, equip, teach, inform, mentor, and guide small business enterprises worldwide to achieve long-term success in local and global markets.This is [More]
Jul 06, 2019
New Dream
New Dream empowers individuals, communities, and organizations to transform the ways they consume to improve well-being for people and the planet. We envision a world in which the values that enhance well-being—relationships, service to others, spending time in nature, community building, and personal growth—are the primary drivers of societal behavior, resulting in reduced consumption and a healthier planet.
Jul 06, 2019
TimeBanks USA
TimeBanks USA is your home for joining a TimeBank, starting a TimeBank, connecting with TimeBanks, and learning about TimeBanking. Founded by Dr. Edgar Cahn.
Jul 06, 2019
Earn #TimeCoins by sharing your passions. TimeRepublik, the ultimate #SharingEconomy experience.
Time is our currency Earn and spend TimeCoins™ Share your skills and passions Earn TimeCoins and get positive feedback Spend TimeCoins to satisfy all your needs
Jul 05, 2019
Andr? Rieu & Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd - YouTube
André Rieu \u0026 Gheorghe Zamfir performing The Lonely Shepherd live in Romania. For concert date...
Jul 04, 2019
About Us – Kelagur Mathias Coffee and Tea Plantations
The United Planters Association of Southern India (UPASI) – a 120 year old organization formed by the three Southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu elected Peter Mathias as President of UPASI for the year 2013-14.

Coffee Board has been reconstituted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India for a period of 3 years from Jan 2014 to Jan 2017, Peter Mathias has been nominated as a Member of the Coffee Board in [More]
Jul 04, 2019
About Gill | Gill Mathias
People often ask me, “What does it take to succeed?”

When I think of my own life, both within and outside of business, I believe the most significant factor in shaping me has been the way I have learned to cope with the challenges and hardships – especially those things that come up unexpectedly.

I would like to be able to tell you I handled all of them perfectly. I did not of course – but dealing with all those things developed my [More]
Jul 02, 2019
WordPress Specialists - Sustainable Website Designer
I specialize in creating impressionable WordPress websites that are efficient to maintain, effective, and affordable! Check out some examples below.
Jul 02, 2019
How To Make A Pinterest Board RSS Feed - YouTube
Jillehart.com for more tips on how to use Pinterest to further your marketing efforts. This is a su...
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