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Patricia PomerleauJan 20, 2014
Weekly Reports--Winter Season
Reports will be filed every Friday for review. For questions, please contact John Belmonte at (email) or call 508 123 4567 or jot a note in the "Discussion" tab above to notify the team by email.
Snow and Ice Management report--Week ending Jan 3
Snow and Ice Management report--Week ending Jan 10
Snow and Ice Management report--Week ending Jan. 17
Patricia PomerleauJan 21, 2014
Mowing and Ground Maintenance Schedule May 2014
Mowing by property and day of week. Subject to change relative to weather
Mowing Schedule Week of May 5th
Mowing Schedule Week of May 12th
Mowing Schedule Week of May 19th
Patricia PomerleauJan 20, 2014
Invoices: New England Lanscapes
Invoices cover all requirements in the agreed upon City of Quincy contract.
Invoice December 2013
Invoice January 2014
Patricia PomerleauJan 20, 2014
2014 Contract--City of Clippsville Grounds Maintenance and Snow removal.
This contract for your review includes Spring preparation, Ongoing maintenance and irrigation, fall cleanup and winter snow management.
2014 Contract--for City of Clippsville
2013 Contract--for City of Clippsville
Patricia PomerleauJan 20, 2014
35 inspiring examples of landscape design
Art meets architecture meets horticulture - check out these original and inventive landscape designs for both public and private spaces.
Ideas for inspiration and discussion
Patricia PomerleauJan 17, 2014
Landscape Design
The New England Landscapes design team offers a wide range of services for developing anything from simple stand alone designs to major landscape projects. We offer both the technical support and creative ingenuity required to deliver an exciting functional outdoor space.
Landscape Design Recommendation--Pocket Park
Patricia PomerleauJan 17, 2014
Snow Plowing and Snow Removal
Snow Plowing: New England Landscape knows the "When, Where and How" of snow plowing. Drawing on 25 years of emergency scheduling in the Easton, Waltham, Plymouth, and surrounding areas snow plowing, we will get your site plowed right and on time.

Snow Removal: Get your site cleared for the day’s business. Give New England Landscapes a call and we will make sure your customers and employees can make it throu [More]
Patricia PomerleauJan 17, 2014
Irrigation Services
Irrigation is essential to protecting and maintaining your landscape investment. Automated irrigation systems require routine maintenance to sustain maximum efficiency. Fairway offers a full range of irrigation system services.
Patricia PomerleauJan 17, 2014
Our Ground and Landscape Services Overview
New England Landscapes offers comprehensive landscape maintenance services that strive to protect and maintain your landscape investment year after year. We pride ourselves on being your unique service partner by empathetically engineering our focus, we consider our on site presence an extension of you.We incorporate best practices and invest in on-going training from industry veterans. As a result, we are able to stay ahead and even predict you [More]

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